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There are few people who have a more varied or prestigious career than His Excellency Dr. Obaid Alketbi. A proud UAE national, Dr. Obaid Alketbi, or Dr. O to those who know him well, is an embodiment of the nation in which he was born and a shining example of what can be achieved with ambition, determination, leadership and the right tools to tap into one’s potential. A renowned academic scholar, former UAE Diplomat and Ambassador, a Military General and Chief of Logistics in the UAE Armed Forces, and the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Abu Dhabi Police, at some point Dr. O’s physical wellbeing took a back seat to his professional obligations. Determined to make a change and restore balance in his life, Dr. O made some pivotal adaptations to his lifestyle, namely, the addition of fitness and health-focused practices to his daily routine. Today, Dr. O participates in a range of different sports including cycling, hiking, football, and long walks. A marathon runner, he is passionate about being physically active at the highest level and says that he was able to achieve this by combining sport with his diplomatic duties. In fact, he was no stranger to encouraging diplomats to partake in a range of sporting activities during his time as Ambassador of the UAE in Australia as part of the UAE’s Sport Diplomacy programme. For Dr. O, sport presents an opportunity to showcase and shape a nation’s identity, values and culture. In addition, the values of sport —competition, teamwork and fair play help build bridges between countries and their citizens. For several years Dr. O has worked tirelessly to establish the UAE’s sports brand throughout the world. Having returned to the UAE, Dr. O’s purpose in this new phase of his career is to give back to the nation that has given him so much. With this in mind, Dr. O Group was founded in February 2019 to provide a regional platform for international and homegrown brands and initiatives that subscribe to the principals of quality, health and authenticity and aim to improve lives. Dr. O Group comprises Bin Farhood Group and brands including Belvas Belgian Chocolate, Urban Wok by Dr. O and Health Hub by Dr. O. as a whole, the organisation is committed to transforming the perception of the UAE into that of a health and wellness hub by making healthy options and initiatives easily accessible to consumers. In so doing, Dr. O Group hopes to aid the creation and foster the growth of a vibrant community where everyone’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing is a priority, not an afterthought.


We want the adoption of a healthy lifestyle to be easy, by fostering a knowledge-based community and providing products to change lives for the better.


Through the sharing of knowledge we are committed to improving the lives of the citizens and residents of the UAE for generations to come.

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